IAMA is an ensemble of theater artists seeking to connect and cultivate a new generation of audiences.  By promoting new artists and developing new works that challenge and entertain, we hope to produce vibrant,  voyeuristic theater that stimulates honest dialogue and sustains the future value of theater within our diverse Los Angeles community.

IAMA Theatre Company was conceived in 2007 by a group of young actors eager to create new theater in Los Angeles.  Working with a shared commitment to exploration and development, IAMA seeks to challenge themselves and their audience by producing original works within a collaborative, multi-disciplinary ensemble.

The past 3 years has seen IAMA grow from a fledgling company to “a new creative force on the local theatre scene (LA Times)”.  Fueled by the exciting work of Artist-in-Residence Leslye Headland and her Seven Deadly Plays, IAMA has brought five new, full length works to the stage.  Quickly building an enthusiastic and loyal audience, IAMA has carved a niche for themselves in an emerging LA theater community:  “In this industry town, where theater is often the byproduct of actors waiting to be plucked for film and TV, Iama’s devotion to the stage is fully grounded in its counterintuitiveness (MetromixLA)”.  IAMA’s passion for live performance, commitment to quality, and innovative material has garnered them recognition and rave reviews from StageSceneLA, LA2DAY, MetromixLA, LA Weekly, and The Los Angeles Times.

The highly trained members of IAMA are all theatre and film graduates who have studied at many diverse and prestigious institutions both domestically and abroad.  Professionally, this dynamic group is already making its mark on the industry, and IAMA members have been featured in national commercials, critically acclaimed TV shows, numerous films, and performed in a vast array of theatre and live performances all over the country.

Ambition and determination are the qualities that IAMA Theatre Company was built on, and the hard work is beginning to pay off.  Los Angeles is already known as one of the world’s hubs for music, art, fashion, and of course, television and film, but by generating and promoting theater in LA, IAMA is changing attitudes and giving a new voice to an often overlooked facet of Los Angeles’ artistic community.